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union & west branding


Transit-oriented developments have been popping up near MBTA stations across our state. When asked by our client Corcoran Companies to name and brand their development at the commuter rail station in Walpole, we needed to both emphasize the location and communicate the benefits. But how could we do this in a memorable way to cut through all the competitive clutter?


Located next to Union Station on West Street, our brand vision was simple & relevant. Beginning with the name “Union & West,” we created a brand that pairs key features of the apartment building brought together with a changing ampersand. In addition to a brochure and website, we created a changing art projection on a 40-foot long wall in the lobby that both enlivens the space & provides a relaxing setting for working. If you or anyone you know is looking for modern living & New England charm, Union & West is now leasing.