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the daily brand identity


Corporate chains and convenience stores have never replaced the fresh and friendly vibe of the traditional corner grocery market—the kind of place you could pop in every day to get exactly what you need. With the Savin Hill T station across the street and new apartments opening all around, the local developers of this Dorchester property thought this would be the perfect spot to re-introduce the corner store concept. But how can this be done in a fresh and modern way?


We started by giving the concept a name: “The Daily,” which says it all. It’s the place neighbors can shop every day—for a coffee and pastry in the morning, a sandwich at lunchtime, and all the ingredients needed to make dinner in the evening. Our team worked with the owners and their talented operations team to bring the vision to life. The bright yellow conveys the sunrise starting each new day while the script type gives a handmade, nostalgic vibe. For the flavor of the neighborhood (and to get the “daily dish”), The Daily is now open—daily!