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pete seeger boxed set


Following definitive Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly boxed sets, the Pete Seeger project represents the third and final release in the triumvirate of iconic Folkways recording artists. Featuring both classic and little-known songs, along with a massive collection of archival photos and documents, the challenge was to organize the immense creative output of Pete’s lifetime into a fitting tribute.


Echoing the life-sized, direct gaze of the Woody and Lead Belly releases, the straight-forward cover photo is of Pete along the Hudson River with typography referencing some of his classic album covers. The essays (by Jeff Place and Robert Santelli) and song notes are richly illustrated and trace his career from first performing with Woody Guthrie and The Weavers to being blacklisted by Joseph McCarthy in the 50s to playing with Bruce Springsteen at Barack Obama’s inauguration. “The Folkways collection is the first time anyone has released such a comprehensive collection of Seeger’s material, which is hard to believe, considering his incredible influence on the area of folk music…” –No Depression (Winner of Grammy award for Best Historical Album.)

Available on the Smithsonian Folkways website.