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moshe safdie monograph


Best known for one of the seminal projects of the 20th century—Habitat in Montreal—architect Moshe Safdie’s career has seen an unprecedented outpouring of creativity over the past 10 plus years. To document this output, Moshe wanted to work directly with a local graphic designer who shared his aesthetic and compositional sense on the creation of his latest monograph.


Fritz Klaetke of Visual Dialogue worked closely with Mr. Safdie on every aspect of the 288-page book design. The entire layout of the book is based on the Fibonacci grid (“the golden section”), referencing the architect’s use of geometry in his designs. The introductory essays are presented as books within the book while the project sections function as virtual “walk-throughs” of his projects. The end result, in the words of Mr. Safdie himself, “looks beautiful... thank you for your patience and great efforts.”