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main south branding & placemaking


Despite challenges faced by many urban centers, Main South in Worcester is a vital neighborhood with a diverse mix of cultures, languages (30+!), restaurants, shops, both established and new residents & business owners, and plenty of community spirit. It’s also in a prime location between Downtown Worcester and the Clark University campus, steps away from the new WooSox ballpark which opened this year. MassDevelopment and the City of Worcester came to Visual Dialogue to help present the best of Main South for both locals and visitors... then Covid-19 hit.


Working with engaged partners, we quickly pivoted our efforts to create an emergency website that provided timely resources for local business owners and residents in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Throughout the pandemic we continued with (masked, distanced) discovery tours of the area and close (virtual) collaboration with the partners. Now with vaccines widely available and the neighborhood active again, we updated the website with an interactive map and information highlighting all the businesses along Main Street. Our street banners, window signs, maps, and Main South swag will help power the re-opening of the neighborhood as it comes back stronger. Any way you say it, there’s a lot happening here.