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kendall square at mit brochure


The MIT Investment Management Company is in the process of a massive 1.8 million SF re-invention of Kendall Square in Cambridge, including residential, office, lab, cultural, academic, and retail space. They had a name and a logo for the project, but no effective way to talk about it to prospective retail tenants. They needed something for a major industry conference just weeks away and in this highly competitive real estate environment, they needed something that differentiated this project from others in the area.


Visual Dialogue developed strategy, messaging, and a sales brochure emphasizing what MIT and Kendall Square are known for: smarts. By demonstrating the smart community, smart location, smart companies, and smart opportunity of this project, it becomes clear to prospective retail tenants that Kendall Square is a smart move. And, in order to delivery this piece to our client in two weeks in time for their conference, we worked with them in a smart and efficient way.