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Most people know Boston history as the stories of the American Revolution told through the iconic Freedom Trail, but the many accomplishments of the area’s most influential thinkers are not as well recognized. From the first pain-free surgery at Mass General Hospital to Moderna’s development of the COVID-19 vaccine, Boston and Cambridge have always been at the forefront of innovation.

looking ahead

To highlight these world-changing breakthroughs, Boston Globe columnist Scott Kirsner and noted historian Bob Krim envisioned the Innovation Trail, a 2.2 mile walking path that highlights visionary contributions in science, medicine, and technology. But how do you guide visitors on this trail (in person or online), while making the content accessible and engaging?

making a lasting mark

Visual Dialogue began by creating the Innovation Trail logo which suggests moving towards the future, inviting everyone to take the first step on a journey of discovery.

digital tour guide

The corresponding website guides visitors as they explore each of the 21 sites on the trail. Trailgoers can choose their starting point, Boston or Cambridge, and follow along on their phones as they read, listen, and learn with an interactive map always present to lead the way.

“I’ve been involved with creating a lot of websites, and the process of working with Visual Dialogue was incredibly streamlined. We never heard, ‘No, that isn’t possible.’ They just figured it out, and we wound up with a site that everyone loves.

—Scott Kirsner

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