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hyphen concept & branding


When Visual Dialogue sees an empty storefront, we see endless possibilities. We think about how a space can uniquely connect to its location, engage an audience, and create excitement. We think about how the space will look, how it will be programmed, and how it will be successful. When we acquired an empty commercial space in downtown Hyannis on Cape Cod, we thought about how it could be transformed into something that had never been done before.


As we reimagined how this prime location could connect to the Hyannis community, we knew Hyphen would be the perfect name. A “hyphen” forms connections and this is the first-of-its-kind place where people of all abilities come together to create, learn, and enjoy. For our inaugural exhibition, it’s me, hi, we partnered with Gateway Arts—an internationally-acclaimed art center that supports adults with disabilities who express themselves through visual arts. The self-portraits, created by Gateway artists and the residents who live above Hyphen, challenge viewers to look honestly at themselves and explore their own perceptions of people who think differently. We welcome everyone to visit and become part of our community—check our website for updates on openings, shows, and special events.