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hungry for design restaurant review blog


Working with restaurants, we’ve learned that in order to survive they need to engage all the senses, not just taste. Restauranteurs need to consider all the customer touch-points from branding to the website, menu design, service, interiors, music, and overall vibe. A truly exceptional experience is one where everything is given as much attention as the food. With the social media megaphone people use today, bad news can travel fast when things are not quite right.


Hungry for Design is our review of the total restaurant experience. It’s an honest evaluation of what’s working well and what’s not quite right. As restaurant branding pros, we provide practical tips to help restauranteurs and guests understand the makings of an exceptional experience. Encompassing the most buzz-worthy openings to the nation’s oldest restaurant, Hungry for Design’s no-holds-barred reviews span from the Boston area to NYC to Miami to even “the best restaurant” in Canada. Let us know if there’s a place we should review next.

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