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hood park brand identity & website


Everywhere you look you see construction cranes and crews transforming our city. And now, the site of the historic H.P. Hood dairy company is rapidly evolving into a mixed-use development with apartments, lab, office, retail and open space. While we needed to change the perception of this area from its past industrial roots, we also needed to differentiate Hood Park from the other new developments to create a brand that’s not homogenized.


Taking a 30,000 foot view of the project (well, actually a 200 foot view) we found our answer! From the new logo to the drone video on the website, the branding we developed emphasizes Hood Park’s location at the center of it all. Not only is it at the intersection of Downtown Boston, Charlestown, Cambridge, and Somerville, it’s easy to get to by train, bus, car, or bike. The original website demonstrates how the phases of the development will transform this 20-acre site over time. And for all the new residents and workers who will be here every day, it’ll feel good to be at Hood.

Hood Park website (archived)