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haverhill center identity and website


As the oldest and largest regional heritage organization in the nation, Historic New England (HNE) is best known for their stewardship of historic sites. Not as well known is their collection of 125,000 objects amassed over the last 100+ years that are housed in a former shoemaking factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts. With HNE’s recent acquisition of an adjacent mill building, they are poised to create a cultural center that will anchor and reinvigorate Haverhill’s downtown. But how do we tell this ambitious and expansive story of their future vision today?


Using the footprint of the two mill buildings where the existing (and expanded collection) will be reimagined, Visual Dialogue began by creating the Haverhill Center mark. The corresponding introductory website features a short video providing insight and intrigue by highlighting the collection, events, and plans. With a gallery of featured objects that will change and grow, the site appeals to both historic enthusiasts who wants to explore HNE’s collections, and to potential partners looking to engage and invest in Haverhill. HNE’s Haverhill Center invites everyone to learn more and find their story here.