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chelsea placemaking


Although just over the Tobin Bridge from Boston and Cambridge, Chelsea hasn’t seen the same economic growth as its neighbors. MassDevelopment and the City of Chelsea asked Visual Dialogue to create a placemaking strategy that would help stimulate the main business district and communicate the vibrancy of the community. But how do you focus efforts to make the biggest impact?


Working with business owners, city and state officials, and engaged residents we focused on reviving the commercial stretch along Broadway. Home to one of largest concentrations of Central and South American immigrants in New England, our work celebrates these cultures. The festive brand identity is expressed throughout the main business district that we've renamed “Chelsea Centro.” The forlorn gazebo at the entrance to this area has been transformed into a welcoming gateway (hand-painted by Andy Bablo). You’ll see new murals and banners around the city with more brand activations in the works. Everyone who knows Chelsea knows it’s Bueno, Bonito, Barato! Come see for yourself!