central square

central to everyone

eclectic and energetic

Located between MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Central Square has long been a stretch of Mass Ave. that’s hard to summarize. It’s a place where people work, live, and can experience everything from belly dancing to indie bands and eat everything from tacos to tandoori chicken. With some of the area’s most iconic restaurants and independent businesses lining the streetscape, Central Square Business Improvement District (BID) aims to enhance and spark buzz in the area. Central Square offers so many different experiences to so many people, so how do we convey that ever-changing quality in a brand identity and website?

Central Square two street banners on poles
Central Square animated logo with colors building the circular pattern

a vibrant identity

Working with the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority and the Central Square Business Association, we created a new brand identity for Central Square that is as energetic as the area itself. The logo takes a “C” shape with lines that radiate from a central point and burst outward, reflecting the vibrance and spontaneity of Central Square. The multi-color palette references the most iconic spots in the neighborhood.

24/7 happenings

The website serves as a listing of everything that’s happening there with the background changing from day to night to reflect the dynamic nature of the 24/7 experiences Central Square offers.


Central Square homepage in laptop
Central Square brochure saying “Let’s make Central Square even better”
Central Square brochure spread with words “Let’s work together to make it happen” over long exposure of car lights passing in front of mural
Central Square brochure page showing birds-eye-view of the square
Central Square brochure spread with colorful images
Central Square trash can with logo superimposed
Colorful Central Square logo on black t-shirt

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