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chestnut hill benevolent association identity & website


Close to the Christian Science Mother Church in Boston but far from public awareness, the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association (The BA) was established in 1919 for those seeking healing through Christian Science. The BA not only continues to care for the sick, but offers training for Christian Science nurses, hosts residential housing for seniors, and extends services to those seeking respite. The BA recognized that continued growth and success requires increasing applications for their nursing program and recruiting qualified employees. But how do we communicate The BA’s service-oriented purpose while expressing its priorities in an approachable and engaging way?


Visual Dialogue started by researching the organization’s roots, referencing early church documents and photographs, and meeting with members and staff. This groundwork informed the creation of a relatable logo, friendly color palette, updated imagery, and more contemporary brand that reflects the organization’s desire to reach a wider audience. Through the redesigned website, applicants can now apply online with a more intuitive and streamlined process while potential donors can better understand The BA’s offerings and easily contribute. Through visual representation of the past, present, and future aspirations, this new brand identity and website fulfills The BA’s desire to tell their story. “The Visual Dialogue team made the process of rebranding and launching a new website effortless for our organization. Their visionary design and thoughtful web development delivered a product that has far exceeded our expectations.” –Katie Rooprai, Marketing Manager