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ad club website


Since 1904 (!), the Ad Club has been the champion for creative excellence in advertising and marketing in New England. Realizing that their website was neither “creative” nor “excellent,” they asked Visual Dialogue to create a new site as dynamic as the organization and its membership. The broad range of events—including the Hatch Awards, Equity Project, Media Auction, and Women’s Leadership Forum—along with elements such as video and podcasts were displayed in a disparate, static, and disorganized manner making it difficult to explore everything the Club has to offer.


Beginning with a thorough analysis of the existing website’s organization and content, we developed a new site that reorganizes all the information and displays it through a vivid and dynamic interface. The new modular system allows the user to get to and get through the content easily (while allowing the Club to update and add new content just as easily). The home page features animated overviews of upcoming events and timely content. Visitors can click to explore each event in more detail—learning about the program, schedule, speakers and sponsors—or take a look back at the previous years through archival photos and videos. The Ad Club now has a new website that could win a Hatch Award (…don’t miss the Hatch61 entry deadline this Friday!)