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lead belly boxed set


Huddie Ledbetter, better known as Lead Belly, is one of the most fascinating characters in American music. From his discovery in prison to his genre-defying repertoire to his influence on musicians that continues to this day, Lead Belly’s life in music is truly unique. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (producers of the Grammy-winning Woody at 100) sought to present a complete picture in a definitive boxed set of his work.


Working closely with the producer and Folkways archivist Jeff Place, we created a package that traces Lead Belly’s life verbally, visually, and aurally. The large format, 12" x 12" book (referencing the original LP covers) includes five discs of music that span the career of this legend. “The boxed set’s packaging is as extensive as its musical scope, with an oversize 140-page book containing multiple essays; dozens of photographs, many previously unpublished; and reproductions of session sheets, letters, newspaper clips and concert fliers.” notes the New York Times in its review.

Available on the Smithsonian Folkways website.